It’s still mighty toasty outside, but the fall movie season is already revving up with trailers for Oscar bait (Rachel Getting Married, starring Anne Hathaway, pictured), prestige pics (The Informers), and box-office hopefuls (Quarantine andRole Models, starring Paul Rudd, pictured). Check out the clips and let us know if any of them will get you in the theaters.

THE INFORMERS (Warning: NSFW trailer)

Plot:You tell me. Judging by the loosely connected scenes of sex, drugs, andself-hatred, my guess is it’s a pitch-black ensemble drama.
Looks like: I Loathe the 80’s, Brett Easton Ellis-style.
Verdict: It might be set during the Reagan administration, but Informers’cast is straight out of 1994, with Billy Bob Thornton, Winona Ryder,Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke, and Brad Renfro all sharing the screen.(My colleague Sean Howe points out that even Chris “Wicked Game”Isaak has a part, so fingers crossed for an uncredited Heather Grahamcameo). Even so, the promise of bad hair and great New Order tunes isalmost enough to get me in the theater. Almost.

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October 10

Plot: Horror ensues after the police mysteriously barricade a news crew inside a house-cum-deathtrap.
Looks like: The Ruins set in a building, with some Blair Witch-style shaky-cam shots.
Verdict: Ah, the timeless appeal of watching no-name actors get picked off by freaky, bump-in-the-dark boogeymen. Quarantine has all the hallmarks of a modern horror movie: Cloverfield-esque POV footage, crazy monsterchildren (think the creepy girl in The Ring), the dragged-from-behind shot (One Missed Call), etc. And despite the clichés, it still looks pretty darn scary. Count me in — for a matinee.


Plot: Angsty black sheep Kim (Anne Hathaway) raises hell on her sister’s Indian-themed big day.
Looks like: Margot at the East-Meets-West Wedding
Verdict:Everyone loves a good family drama in the fall, and it’ll be fun to seeHathaway finally tackle a meaty leading role — even if her characterdid somehow scalp Tilda Swinton in Constantine. Plus, Debra Winger! Long time no see! (If you’re about to mention Dawn Anna… don’t).

November 14

Plot:A pair of man-child beer reps (Paul Rudd and Seann William Scott)grudgingly enter a court-ordered big brother program and (shocker!) endup learning some life lessons.
Looks like: Wedding Crashers meets Big Daddy.
Verdict:You may be surprised to learn that this is actually NOT a Judd Apatowmovie. It certainly has the plot — schlubby guys coming of age — andthe goofy, loose-lipped tone of one of the laughmeister’s creations.Even the cast is made up of Team Judd regulars: Rudd, ChristopherMintz-Plasse (Superbad’s McLovin), Jane Lynch (Andy’s randy boss in The 40 Year Old Virgin), and Elizabeth Banks (Virgin‘s kinky superfreak). But Role Models was actually helmed by Wet Hot American Summervet David Wain, which might explain why — despite packing more clichésthan a Mastercard commercial — the trailer actually got a few laughsout of me.

Your turn, PopWatchers: Should Quarantine (and/or The Informers) be declared off limits? Does Role Models set a good example for fall comedies? And are you in the mood to see Rachel Getting Married, or would you rather just hit up the open bar at the reception?