Hey, remember that political ad spoof Paris Hilton did for less than 72 hours ago (watch it below if not)? Kinda great! And yet, perhaps also kinda five or six Internet buzz cycles in the past already. But before we move on to our next shiny distraction, let’s take a moment to set the record straight. Some, including myself, have been wondering about how exactly Paris pulled off all that wonky energy-policy talk for the ad. I mean, that kind of jargon regularly trips up John McCain when he tries to talk about it. Was Paris using cue cards? A teleprompter? Honestly, to me it looked like someone might have Photoshopped her mouth moving and dubbed in the words. BUT! The Funny or Die crew have revealed that Paris needed no such technological aid to shoot the ad. She memorized the whole speech, people. All minute and fifty seconds of it. Shame on any of us who suspected otherwise. Please join me in registering your apologies to Ms. Hilton below. (Furthermore, Funny or Die claims she didn’t even ask to be paid for the skit. And people call her materialistic!)

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