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Okay, this is just hilarious. It turns out there are 16 different tots — only three of them boys! — who have played baby Aaron on Lost. This past weekend, all of them (and their parents, who were probably a total buzzkill) got together for a picnic in Hawaii. From the Honolulu Advertiser’s report, the gathering seems to have been a three-way hybrid of casting call, bragging session, and straight-up picnic. One mom boasted that her daughter had made the cover of TV Guide and also appeared in Entertainment Weekly (that rag?) and “had tiny pictures in People and Us Magazine.” Burn! The other babies — all of whom wore black tees emblazoned with BABY AARON, by the way, must have been so pissed off. In fact, let’s imagine their internal dialogue right now.

AARON 1: Aaron 8 has gained way too much weight for this role.
AARON 2: Choose me! Pick me. Love ME.
AARON 5: It’s gonna be me! It’s Aaron, bitch.
AERRIN: I spell my name in a unique way. Can I get a profile in the National Enquirer or what?
AARON 8: Ba ba! NOW!
AARON 16: All y’all infants need to shut up, ’cause Aaron 16* got to nuzzle against Evangeline Lilly’s rack.

*If Aaron 16 continues to refer to himself in the third person, he should have a long and successful career in crappy reality television.

By all means, feel free to jump to the comments section and put words in the other Baby Aarons’ mouths!

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