I don’t know how I missed this in the midst of all our Comic-Con coverage (hey, did you notice we covered Comic-Con?), but one of my favorite websites, Garfield Minus Garfield, scored a book deal! Every day, the site’s creator, Dan Walsh, simply removes Garfield from the comic strip. That’s it. But it’s enough — alongside the fat cat, Jon Arbuckle used to be just a boring guy; now he’s like some sort of existential antihero. If the image at left hasn’t moved you to tears and made you question life, love, and why you wore that janky top this morning, you’re probably not looking hard enough. I love the part where Jon widens his eyes. It is so powerful.

Anyway, Garfield creator Jim Davis approves of the project and the upcoming book. “I want to thank Dan for enabling me to see another side of Garfield,” he says.”Some of the strips he chose were slappers: ‘Oh, I could have left thatout.’ It would have been funnier.” Yeah, that’s probably the understatement of the century. That, or “Sometimes Tyra likes to talk about herself.” You make the call.

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