Like most folks, the first thing I do when a new DVD box set arrives is assess its regiftability. Are the words “Promo Copy!” embossed on the front? Does the UPC code look like someone took a switchblade to it? Has the plastic wrap been molested? You know, standard stuff.

However, TV actors –- particularly if their mug is on the cover of a box set — focus on something altogether different: themselves. No surprise there. When it comes to vanity, actors are in a class by themselves. But when a certain star of a hit procedural got a look at his show’s season 1 DVD, it wasn’t the size of his head that he was concerned about — it was the size of his head in relation to one of his male co-stars. A co-star, it should be noted, he has long despised.

In fact, so intense is his loathing for his colleague that he went so far as to take out his measuring tape, at which point he discovered that the face of the arguably higher-profile cast member was an inch or two bigger than his own. Faster than you can say “size queen,” Prima Donnie threw a tantrum the likes of which would’ve made Miss Piggy blush. Not surprisingly, when it came time to promote the box set, he flat out refused.

Unbelievably, it looks like the egomaniac’s freak-out is going to end up paying off in the long run. The proof: the cover of the Season 2 box set. So who’s the diva who firmly believes that more is more? Guesses below! (And, of course, we’ll only really read the ones that find a way to use bigger fonts.)