It was as inevitable as another Speidi photo op: The acting bug has bitten Lauren Conrad.

Enduring no hazing whatsoever, the leading lady of MTV's The Hills (and this week's EW cover girl) has signed on to appear in an episode of ABC Family's addictive college soap, Greek. However, the gig won't require her to go all Meryl Streep on us: She'll be doing what she does best, playing herself in the show's second season finale on Oct. 28.

Explains series creator Sean Smith, Conrad — who will shoot her scene in early September — is going to play a spiritual adviser to Spencer Grammer's character. "It's a dream sequence in which Casey and LC are best friends. Casey has a big decision she has to make, and she's like, 'LC, what do I do? Advise me!'" he reveals, adding that the girls' dynamic reminds him of "when Frankie Avalon is telling Frenchie what do to in Grease. Casey holds LC in that high esteem."

Although there are no direct Hills references in the script, Smith says the scene has a vibe that definitely calls the unreality show to mind. "There are a lot of 'likes' to make it sound more conversational." And there's gotta be at least one of The Hills' trademark dramatic pauses… right? "There isn't," Smith laughs, "but that might change now." (It's worth noting that MTV had to sign off on the script.)

Programming note: Greek kicks off its second season on Aug. 26 in its new Tuesday time slot following The Secret Life of the American Teenager.

So what you say, Greek fans? You game for a Hills crossover? It will almost certainly bring more eyeballs to what is arguably ABC Family's best series, so me? I'm all for it!

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