Watching a Pineapple Express commercial the other night with friends, I wondered out loud, “Am I stoned, or is this movie opening on a Wednesday?” At least one of those options was true. Express and Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 both open today, mostly to avoid conflict with the Summer Olympics. (They don’t allow weed in there.) Owen Gleiberman’s Pineapple Express review is already up; he claims that while the movie never loses its goofy stoner vibe, the adventures of Seth Rogen and James Franco (pictured, right) eventually become Judd Apatow’s “hash-bar version of a cynical action joyride.”

I’m so easily amused that I’ve actually bothered to rewind the part in the Pineapple Express trailer where Franco reasons that he should stay in the dumpster because he’s in there already…for no reason! This type of sublime stoner logic is my absolute favorite strain of logic in all the land. In fact, my favorite stoned-person-in-a-movie line is from Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead: “The dishes are DONE, man,” uttered by Kenny (Keith Coogan, the unfamiliar-looking guy pictured, left) after he decided that a good way to accomplish the dreaded household chore was to stand on the roof and destroy plates with a skeet shooter.

What’s your favorite stoner movie moment? And for a bonus image of how I feel about Pineapple Express coming out today, click on “Continue Reading.” I’ll send an ice cream sandwich to the first commenter to identify it…unless I eat it first.