When I was 13 years old, I sported gigantic glasses, braces, and a dreadful pixie haircut. I was also the biggest *NSYNC fan in the world. I even owned their limited edition tapestry quilt. I was obsessed.

I’m older now, and while the glasses, braces, and haircut are things of the past, my weakness for boy bands is still apparent. I found this out earlier today at a press conference to announce the partnership between the Jonas Brothers’ Change for the Children Foundation and the Bayer Diabetes Care Organization. (Pictured, l to r, are Nick Jonas, Bayer’s Sandra Peterson, Kevin Jonas, Joe Jonas, and Jonas mom Denise.) At the press conference, Nick discussed his affiliation with Bayer Diabetes Care, which supports young people with diabetes, as well as the band’s recent single, “A Little Bit Longer,” which details his fight with the disease. (Nick, the youngest Jonas, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes three years ago.)

Bayer then presented the Brothers’ Foundation with a check for $100,000, and while the band took questions from the assembled reporters, I found a mathematical equation for the strange feelings that began to take root at the pit of my stomach: cute, talented boys (who love their mom) + curly locks x philanthropic work = massive and uncontrollable crush.

Back to you, PopWatchers: Which singers/actors bring out your inner teenager? And are there any causes they support that you’d like to mention here?