Kevin Costner
Credit: Nati Harnik/AP; Costner: Ben Glass

Back in 2005, when EW listed the 30 best sports movies on DVD, I interviewed writer-director Ron Shelton (Bull Durham, Tin Cup) about the package’s MVP, Kevin Costner. At the time, Shelton said, “Kevin and I are always talking about making a movie. Finding the ones we agree on and the time in his schedule and mine is always the trick, but we’ve both said many times we’d like to do some more work together.”

It’s time to make that happen, gentlemen. I don’t care if the movie is about curling (pictured). I want Costner speaking Shelton’s sharp, smart dialogue, and I want it now. I say this not as someone actually qualified to give career advice to an Oscar winner, but as someone who coveted her sister’s Crash Davis poster for years, who saw Waterworld in theaters (twice), who just sat through Swing Vote. My love for you, Kevin, clearly knows no bounds — as long as you still look good in khakis — but you’ve got to give me something to work with. Occasionally. Reteam with Ron. For me. Pretty please?

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