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The Jonas Brothers tell they’re up for a Camp Rock sequel. “We’ve been looking into scheduling when we can do that because we’ve been busy with touring, but we would love to,” Joe Jonas told at the Teen Choice Awards. “The success from the first one—we did not expect that at all, and the

possibility of a second movie would be great.”

The Disney Channel’s Camp Rock TV movie and soundtrack haven’t quite reached the heights of High School Musical hysteria, but they’ve been the next best thing to come along since. The telepic had almost 9 million viewers in its first week of airing in June, and the album has sold a considerable 707,000 units in its first six weeks. (Joe has a lead role; the other two Jonases have cameos in the

film as his bandmates, and the full group has a tune on the

soundtrack.) What’s more, the Camp Rock phenomenon is expected to stay hot into the fall, because lead actors Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato could break out as even bigger stars: both have impending albums. (Vast numbers of fans are expected to pick up the new Jonas Brothers album Aug. 12, while Lovato’s solo debut is due Sept. 23.)

Meaghan Jette Martin, who plays Camp Rock’s teen-socialite

villainess (and who sings the amusingly stuck-up “Too Cool”), has her fingers crossed that the Jonas Bros.

will sign up for a return trip. “I really hope they come back,” she told “A lot of the Disney people [have talked

about a sequel], and I’ve heard rumors about scripts and stuff. I would

really like a love interest.” Like, say, a Jonas Brother

love interest? “Hey, I wouldn’t complain.” (A Disney Channel spokeswoman confirms that a sequel is in development, and that the brothers would like to premiere the movie in Central Park, where they’d serve pizza from their favorite New York restaurant.)

But what would a Camp Rock 2 plot look like? “Maybe, like, a rival camp,” Joe Jonas suggested. There may already be a sibling rivalry, of sorts. Martin hints (jokingly?) that the brothers may be out of sync on a dream location for the sequel. “One of them wanted winter camp,” she said. “And one of them wanted Camp Hawaii.” Who will win this fraternal face-off? Stay tuned. (Reporting by Jenny Sundel)