Grant Show is trading in his polyester suit for some circa-2008 scrubs.

The Swingtown stud-muffin has signed on to appear in an early Season 2 episode of ABC’s Private Practice, sources confirm to me exclusively. I’m told his character, a charming and flirtatious doctor, has ties to a Practice regular.

Fans of Swingtown need not panic though. Since this is just a one-off guest stint, it wouldn’t interfere with Show returning for a second season of the CBS romp. Of course, given the show’s dwindling audience, that’s probably a moot point anyway.

Luckily, viewers won’t be left hanging if the Aug. 29 season finale ends up being the last episode ever. “The season ends with a cliffhanger, but it’s also a completely satisfying ending,” exec producer Alan Poul told me at press tour. “So, if we go forward, there are many new things that are set up to explore. And if we don’t go forward, there’s no feeling that we’ve been left with something incomplete.”

Getting back to Private Practice, any thoughts as to which Oceanside staffer has a skeleton in his/her closet resembling the pinup formerly known as Jake Hanson? And should Swingtown bite the dust, could you see him fitting in alongside Addison and Co. on a more permanent basis? Comment away!

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