Fugees, Lauryn Hill, ...
Credit: Bozi/CORBIS

Hi. I’m barely alive today. This whole summer, actually. THE HEAT. I can’t take it. I want to crawl in a hole and come out on September 22nd. But this isn’t interesting. iPod Inspections are! Time to put your entire library on shuffle, then list the first five songs that speak to you in any way re: The Dead of Summer. Bonus points if the titles don’t contain the word “sun” — 43 of my songs do, for the record. Your choices will still be a lot sunnier than mine:

Killing Me Softly — The Fugees (pictured)
Help! — The Beatles
Evil — Ladytron
Makes Me Wanna Die — Tricky
Time Stands Still — Cut Copy

And a bonus: “Rhythm of the Night,” by Corona, because something supremely boppy has to snap me outta this funk; plus, Corona is both part of the sun and what should be pumping through one’s veins in a steady drip throughout this entire, horrible, no good very bad month. Happy August, y’all!

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