Generally speaking, the weirder the advertisement, the more I’m hooked: I want to be on the VW bug talk show, and Bruce Campbell makes me want to buy nothing but Old Spice. But Coke Zero might be pushing it with their latest ad campaign, in which anthropomorphic tongues and an eye with chicken feet argue over whether a large glass bottle contains Coke or Coke Zero. The series of ads (three are embedded below), though they look as if they were directed by Salvador Dali, are easy enough to understand: The eye sees a Coke Zero label, but the tongues taste regular Coke. And did I mention the accents? The eye is French, while the tongues sound like they’re doing bad impressions ofDick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins. (And last night, I saw another version in which the tongues had developed a Spanish inflection, andthe eye had a more generic Euro-accent. Whaaa?)

Here’s my question for you: In the DVR era, where you can blissfully fast-forward through commercial breaks, is a weird and wild ad like Coke Zero’s enough to make you hit rewind? And do those fleshy tongues and that squishy eyeball make you want to take a swig of Coke Zero, or simply say “gulp”?