Now that the 29-year-old pharmaceutical rep has been sent packing, she opens up to about her passionate exit speech as well as how she really feels about April, Keesha, and Libra
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Angie Swindell — the 29-year-old pharmaceutical rep from Virginia — was unanimously booted from the Big Brother house last night. talks to her about her passionate exit speech (”I wanted to individualize everyone”), her thoughts about Jessie (”a very, very sweet individual”), and what she really thinks of Libra.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Wow, Julie Chen faked you out there at the end. Did you think Jessie was going to get voted out?

ANGIE SWINDELL: I was completely surprised. I first thought, ”Holy crap, my speech worked and I’m actually staying in the house.” Then she let me down very hard. I thought, ”Okay, well, it’s what I expected.”

What did you hope to accomplish with that final speech?

I really didn’t have a lot of pull as far as convincing Keesha, who had an emotional attachment to her alliance. She had said multiple times that she wasn’t there for the money. With that speech, I wanted to individualize everyone, to basically let them know that they have to start thinking for themselves and play for themselves. April and Libra are predominantly the glue that holds everybody together. They’ve infested the house. I had the best interest of all the players.

An 8-0 vote. Wow.

I had conversations with my alliance and told them they need to look out for themselves. A sympathy vote for me wouldn’t benefit them moving ahead.

In last night’s episode, the producers edited it in a way that made it look like there was a tidal wave of opposition towards Jessie. What happened in the house in the last two days?

Jessie is a very intense person who’s not afraid to speak up and share his point of view. When we got nominated, that alienated the four of us [Jessie, Michelle, Memphis, and Angie] from the others. When we didn’t win the POV, we were stuck between a rock and a hard place. As far as my strategy went, I tried to get Jessie worked up to get the target off my back. But Keesha and Libra really didn’t like me. They play emotionally, not strategically. No matter what Jessie did, I didn’t have a prayer. I was not trying to cater to their every need, sucking up to them, and that probably bothered them. I know April had mentioned that to everybody.

You started crying as soon as you sat down on the couch with Julie. What was going through your mind?

Being in the house was stressful, especially over the last couple of weeks. [The people in my alliance] were dubbed as outcasts. Once I sat down with Julie, I went, ”Whoa, this is really over.” I had kept my composure for a long time.

Maybe you shouldn’t have worn Brian’s knit cap.

I stole that hat from Brian on the third day. I found out that it bothered the girls, and my passive-aggressiveness came out and I wore it to annoy them.

NEXT: ”When he gets out, he may regret how he is being portrayed.” {C}

Jessie is so unbelievably annoying — and that’s just when he takes his shirt off. Why didn’t they evict him?

Jessie’s profession is a bodybuilder. I asked him why he flexes all the time, and he said you have to do it in order to stay trained. Jessie is a very, very sweet individual. If he’s on your side, he will go to bat for you. He probably campaigned against me, but that’s fine. It’s part of the game. When he gets out, he may regret how he is being portrayed. But Jessie isn’t the only one who walks around with his shirt off. Dan had his shirt off, too!

What are your thoughts about Jerry?

Jerry is a very sweet man. When Jerry came into the house, he didn’t realize how strong-minded we all were. Jerry got lost in the mix. He’s obviously a floater. He’s listening but not playing. It’s funny; at the very beginning, the house as a whole talked about who would leave, and Jerry and Renny were in the mix. But people started to play with their emotions, and those two went by the wayside. Jerry and Renny have been in the game a lot longer than I expected.

Who do you think is the biggest threat left in the house?

As much as I hate to say it, Libra is a very strong player. She has a good way of manipulating and bullying her way through the house. Michelle has a good shot; she’s a pretty good threat because she is physically and mentally strong.

Who do you think are the house idiots?

I’m happy to say Libra and April are. Keesha, as well. She’s playing on her word but unfortunately, on Big Brother, your word can only go so far. You have to tell a couple of white lies.

[At this point, a CBS publicist informs Angie that April won last night’s HOH competition.]

Oh God! Jessie and Michelle will certainly go up on the block. If one wins POV, that person will be replaced by Memphis. I’m tearing up now. I’m starting to get emotional again.

What do you think of the April-Ollie showmance?

I called that on day one. I sat next to April and she said all the guys were cute, but Ollie was the one. Ollie’s a great guy and April is a stand-up girl, but she’s caught up in the whole Libra black hole. I’ve also had a few choice moments, if you will, walking in on April and Ollie spooning. It will be interesting to see what happens with them when the season ends.

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