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Credit: Melissa Moseley

Yes Man

After his tepid 2007 thriller The Number 23, Carrey tries getting back in his groove as a lonely loan officer who attends a motivational seminar and then says yes to every opportunity that comes his way, from skeet shooting to buying a Persian wife online. ”His performance,” says Reed (The Break-Up), ”reminds me of something between Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and Liar Liar, where it’s comedic but it’s also very grounded.” During production, Carrey himself wasn’t always so grounded: He performed his own bungee jump off a bridge — though Warner Bros. insisted the stunt occur on the final day of shooting. ”That struck us as really morbid,” laughs Reed. “You can’t trade the look on Jim’s face. His [terrified expression] is very, very real.”
OUR TWO CENTS Carrey hasn’t cracked us up since Bruce Almighty, but given his potential to be funny + a singing Deschanel + The Break-Up‘s scene-stealer John Michael Higgins + Flight of the Conchords‘ Rhys Darby, we’d love to say oui! 12/19
DEEP DIVE features videos and audio clips from the British humorist and radio presenter whose 2005 book, Yes Man, inspired the film

Yes Man
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