I managed to zip through Thursday night’s So You Think You Can Dance results show in about four minutes, 3:24 of which involved Lady Gaga’s ’80s workout demo/performance of “Let’s Dance.” Sure, that first glimpse of her might’ve made me cry out “What species is this?” to the tune of the Christmas carol “What Child Is This?” Sure, she’s coppin’ a bit of a Kylie vibe throughout (when she said “My name is Lady Gaga,” I was all bitch you BETTER not follow that up with ‘I’ll be your purser). And I’m not even gonna touch that outfit, because if I did, the ‘ga would probably knock me out with her inexplicable snow globe microphone. But let’s give credit where credit is due: Someone sang LIVE on a reality show results night! Edit the history textbook!

Yikesies. Issuing congratulations for singin’ somethin’ live. Has everything really fallen that far?

Yes. (Just dance. Gonna be okay.)