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I’m going to say yes, but feel free to argue with me…

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Thomas Jane (The Punisher) has been cast as the lead in an hour-long HBO pilot called Hung:”The dark comedy pilot, directed by Oscar winner Alexander Payne,centers on Ray (Jane), a well-endowed struggling middle-age highschool basketball coach who figures out a way to use his bestasset.”

So, I’m right, right? Hung is the best TV show title ever? Or maybe I’m just giddy thinking that if/when the pilot go to series and becomes a hit, I will forever get to be forced to identify the actor as “Thomas Jane (Hung)…”

I’m also looking forward to the punny headlines. (If the ratings hold up: WELL ‘HUNG’) Write your own headline after the jump. Just keep it clean-ish.

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