Look, I like VH1’s super-crass, super-meta reality show I Love Money as much as anyone. Probably more! But even I get distracted sometimes. This Monday, I was catching up on the latest episode, and after the final commercial break, I accidentally channel-surfed back to VH1 a minute or two too late to see who got eliminated. (Yes, I am still too cheap/lazy to install a DVR at home.) This sucked.

But then, at my always-resourceful girlfriend’s suggestion, I went over to check out’s user-created plot synopsis page. I found more than just the answer to who got eliminated: Less than 24 hours after the episode originally aired, someone had already posted an insanely detailed thousand-word description of everything that happened that night. As I clicked around, I discovered the same had been done for every episode this season. No analysis of any kind — just elegantly phrased blow-by-blow accounts of life in a house full of has-beens. These things are like novellas! Behold:

Yes! I might just start reading these every week instead of actually watching the show. Anyway, I don’t really know who’s penning these masterpieces, but these anonymous IMDB users deserve a serious shout-out. Anyone else hooked?