Straight from the author and revealed with her approval, shares a key plot point from ''Breaking Dawn''
Stephenie Meyer

With the understanding that this spoiler will send the blogosphere into either a tizzy of celebration or outrage, hereby reveals a major plot point from Stephenie Meyer’s Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final installment to her Twilight series. And no, the forthcoming information is not from a fever dream or a filched copy of the book found in the dusty stock room of a Barnes & Noble. This exclusive spoiler comes straight from Meyer herself, with her explicit go-ahead to share with her fans.

Team Jacob, you staged a valiant effort, urging Bella to choose her faithful, strangely muscular friend instead of her sexy, hairless vampire. But Meyer, clapping her hands and bobbing on her toes, reveals that she had the great fun of writing Bella and Edward’s wedding scene. ”And it’s not a dream sequence!” Meyer promises with a laugh. ”It’s the actual wedding between Edward and Bella. The wedding! I’m a girly girl so it’s something I’ve been waiting for too.” Before anyone throws their computer out their bedroom window, screaming that the surprise of the summer has now been ruined for them, Meyer promises that the wedding takes place early on in Breaking Dawn. Trust that unexpected thrills still await.

While we’re on a roll, here’s another surprise for you: Meyer says she wrote Bella and Edward’s wedding scene years ago, initially planning for the young couple to tie the knot shortly after the end of Twilight. Her editor at the time balked that those crazy kids were too young to walk down the aisle, and Meyer, who herself was married and already raising her first son by the age of 23, shelved their eternal bond for a later date.

For those heartbroken that their heroine apparently picks Edward over Jacob, take comfort in the simple fact that Breaking Dawn exists. Meyer says she fought long and hard before her publisher agreed to a fourth book in the series. Little, Brown for Young Readers originally paid the author $750,000 for a three-book deal. Before Twilight had even hit the shelves, Meyer realized there was no way she could wrap up the characters’ storylines in three books. But her publisher was nervous about shelling out another chunk of change for an unproven author. ”My books weren’t out yet,” she says. ”Nobody cared about me. I was just this little author they were taking a chance on.” Eventually, Meyer prevailed, selling the fourth book for $400,000. Lucky Little, Brown. Breaking Dawn is expected to go down as the biggest book of the summer. Everybody wins. Even Team Jacob.

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