Credit: Jack Kirby

Guess what, friendly neighborhood PopWatchers? Today, apparently, is Spider-Man Day! Now, I can’t say I’m entirely sure what that means, or who the official sponsor is (you’d think it was Marvel Comics, but their website isn’t looking too celebratory), but I’m always happy to give some love to the ol’ webslinger.

I’m gonna celebrate by using an elaborate system of pulleys and counterweights to upside-down kiss random redheads (I will be taking donations for my legal fund). How about you? Planning on watching the Spidey movie trilogy tonight (it’s okay if you fall asleep on Spider-Man 3)? Reading up on the comics (I recommend Brian Michael Bendis’ Ultimate Spider-Man)? Trying to coax a particularly bitey arachnid into a radioactive lab and hoping he’ll just do what comes naturally?

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Spider-Man 3
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