Rosie Perez, who plays a corrupt cop in Aug. 6’s Pineapple Express, will don a (figurative) catsuit this fall for a recurring role on NBC’s Lipstick Jungle. “I play a publicist, a mean bitchy publicist,” she told while at Pineapple‘s premiere last night in Los Angeles. “Everyone seems to be picking me to play mean people right now. What the hell? I am a really nice person in my everyday life I swear.”

Perez says she enjoyed the fringe benefits of the series gig — namely, wearing “lots of excellent clothes” and working with the predominantly female cast. “I thought it was going to be all [she feigns a cat hiss]. But it wasn’t like that at all when I got there,” explains Perez. “We just get to show up and say these great lines and play these great roles for women. I love that there is another show with strong roles for women that is about women. It is about time that we have more of those.”

As for her role in Express, Perez says she plays “a whole new level of badass: I am shooting people and blowing stuff up and yelling and I make no apologies. It was fun to let loose and just be bitchy and badass, although the outfit was heavy and uncomfortable. I can’t believe how heavy those cop belts are.”

– With reporting from Carrie Bell