Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

During last Sunday’s second-season premiere of AMC’s hit series Mad Men, most of the ad men and their families spent Valentine’s Day, 1962 watching a black-and-white TV special: A Tour of the White House with Mrs. John F. Kennedy, during which Jackie led CBS correspondent Charles Collingswood through the mansion, dissecting the decor and designs of all the special rooms. A bit of research reveals that the White House special actually did air the evening of February 14, 1962 on all three broadcast networks. (How’s that for driving home the show’s exhaustive attention to detail?) And actually, three out of every four television viewers tuned in to glimpse the Kennedys’ version of Camelot. Now, the folks over at AMC are streaming the entire hour-long spot on just for fun. And let me tell you, it’s lots of throwback-y fun. If you think Mad Men transports you, then click here and give this real period piece a whirl.