Amy Sedaris, Brad Pitt, and Kanye West made news this week

+ The minds behind the subversive 1999-2000 cult TV favorite Strangers With Candy are reuniting this fall on…Nickelodeon?! Amy Sedaris will play a screwy principal who gets moony-eyed over a competitive gymnast-turned-PE teacher (Christopher Meloni) in Gym Teacher: The Movie, airing Sept. 12. Strangers co-creator Paul Dinello not only directed the comedy but specifically requested that his longtime collaborator ”pack up her wig” and join the movie, which features Meloni as a redemption-seeking athlete who’s up for Gym Teacher of the Year. ”I just point her in a direction, wind her up, and magic happens,” says Dinello. ”He knows my bag of tricks,” adds Sedaris, who actually did bring along her own ”squirrel-colored” wig to play principal Abby Hoffman. And that’s not all: Nickelodeon has already enlisted Dinello to write a movie that will star Sedaris and Chris Kattan (who has a cameo in Gym Teacher) as cringe-inducing parents. Production is set to begin this fall.
+ HBO remains hell-bent on finding a way to showcase the talents of Kanye West. Long before the writers’ strike, the network began discussing whether to team the rapper with executive producer Larry Charles (Curb Your Enthusiasm) for a yet-to-be-named, single-camera series that would follow the busy life of the Grammy-winning artist and his relationship with family and friends. One key insider says HBO is now looking for a writer — and some creative inspiration — before moving forward with the project: ”We need to figure out how to capture Kanye in the right way.” Anything that allows him to gas on about his many talents should do the trick. — Lynette Rice

+ While Scott Weiland treks cross-country on the Stone Temple Pilots reunion tour, his other former band, Velvet Revolver, is hard at work finding a new singer. EW has learned that Royston Langdon — frontman for brother act Spacehog (who had a 1995 hit with ”In the Meantime”) and estranged husband of Liv Tyler — is in the running for the gig after several successful jam sessions in Los Angeles. ”They all got along great,” says an insider. ”It was really a refreshing change for the band.” Velvet Revolver’s management couldn’t confirm that an offer had been made, and would only say that they’re still auditioning prospective singers. But an RCA source insists that ”he’s definitely in the mix.” — Shirley Halperin

+ Quentin Tarantino‘s überviolent WWII project Inglorious Bastards has finally found its star. Reps for Brad Pitt confirm that the prolific father is in negotiations to play protagonist Lieut. Aldo Raine. (A source says rumors that Tarantino is also courting Leonardo DiCaprio for the role of villainous Col. Hans Landa are false.) The film has also found a home: After three weeks of very public negotiations — and after seemingly everyone with a Hollywood zip code got a copy of the script — sources say the movie will land at Universal Pictures. Dealmaking has been handed off to the studio’s lawyers, and while nothing is set in stone, it appears that the studio will partner with Tarantino and producer/domestic distributor Harvey Weinstein to cofinance the film and handle international distribution. — Nicole Sperling

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