Does the image of the first time you saw a friend dance stick in your mind like it does mine?

Last week, Slezak and I ended up at a karaoke bar and, skipping details on the number of cocktails he we consumed (because our bosses could be reading this), I’ll get right to the part where a stranger stood up to sing Harry Belafonte’s “Jump in the Line.” Before long, Slezak was up off his stool and shaking it better than Shakira. It was amazing. Then, he started dropping it like it’s hot (YES!, his signature move, apparently). It was the most awesome, unexpected sight I’d witnessed in five years. (In 2003, my cool friend Karen stood up from our table at a lame hotel bar, and I thought for sure she was leaving because a half-assed conga line had just broken out. No, she was joining it. Turns out, she loves conga lines.)

Anyway, I got to witness Slezak “dropping it” again last night at a small private-room karaoke birthday party I threw myself. He and EW’s Adam Markovitz teamed for an impromptu yet jaw-dropping performance of Kylie Minogue’s “Slow,” which they only agreed to let me mention if I promised to embed the video for the song — excuse me, “underappreciated masterpiece” — below. Now I understand why Adam was lying on a table…

Have a good story about the first time you saw a friend (or coworker) dance? Share it!