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Kathy Griffin
Credit: Danny Molosho

Oh Kathy. I know there’s a lot of ass to kiss when you’re living life on the D-List, but did you really have to pucker up to Britney’s sloppy seconds? I turned a blind eye when you publicity-whored yourself out to former boy bander Nick Carter last season, but paparazzo and Spears paramour Adnan Ghalib? No one needs a Grammy that badly. Though I’ll confess, their driving “date” around L.A. (with requisite Victoria’s Secret pit stop) wasn’t as skeezy as I imagined it would be. But I did grimace/sneer/almost throw up when the two fake canoodled on Kathy’s balcony for the photogs waiting below.

Thankfully Kath’s raunchy rendezvous was only part of her gangbusters campaign to garner an Grammy for For Your Consideration. After a hilarious bus stop photo shoot with that guy who thought she was related to the Griffins from Family Guy (hello! they’re animated!), Kathy and Team Griffin headed to New York for a re-branding session with a few hired guns. I’m sure these execs make big bucks — and rightfully so — they captured Ms. Griffin’s self-deprecating vibe perfectly with those Amy Winehouse-esque, mascara smeared shots.

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After her sassy photo shoot, Kath and the gang headed over to theCNBC studios for a fiscal check up with financial femme fatale SuzeOrman. I have to hand it to SNL‘s Kristen Wigg. Every time Isee the real Orman, I can’t help but picture Wigg’s dead-onimpersonation. It may be a bit overdone, but I finally noticed thatOrman does have some of those lurchy mannerisms that Wiggaffects so well. But the session left me feeling bad for Jessica (or isit Jennifer?) thanks to an unnecessary Suze smackdown. Orman scoldedJessica for leasing her car instead of owning it, and not only accusedher of doing it to impress other drivers but told her it was the moststupid thing she would ever do. I’m no financial whiz myself (sorrythat business degree went to waste, Mom) but cut the girl some slack!What would Suze Orman do, indeed!

Back in L.A. it was time for Maggie’s five minutes of screen time(which got extended to 10 whole minutes this episode), so Kathy tookher mom to dinner with her stolen gays and later accompanied her onseveral interviews for senior magazines Golden Oldies (is this a realmagazine or a Time Life compilation CD?) and Eldr. She did make quitethe cute cover girl, no? And how great was it when she was so confusedas to why anyone would award Kathy a Grammy — she doesn’t sing or play an instrument!

What did you think about tonight’s episode, PopWatchers? Are youhoping for a Griffin/Ghalib reunion any time soon? Do you own a copy ofFor Your Consideration? Is Kath just wasting her time with this Grammy business?

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