Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't about Katherine Heigl and Comic-Con

Feedback from our readers

Sci-fi lovers reveled in our COMIC-CON and WATCHMEN coverage. Plus: Readers were sweet on Sugarland.

Revenge of the Nerds
There are so many comic-book fans who want Watchmen in theaters (”CrazySexyCruel”). Director Zack Snyder’s only risk was to make the movie in such a way that it complements the graphic novel.
Paul Dale Roberts
Elk Grove, Calif.

Thanks for the Comic-Con preview. It shows how much great entertainment has been previewed by passionate, faithful freaks and geeks well before anyone else had a clue. The nerds really do control the world.
Matthew Scott
New York City

Rise of the Hero
If 1978’s Superman kicked off the comic-book movie culture (Movies), then what exactly were the Superman and Batman movie serials of the ’40s?
Phil Marsh
Santa Ana, Calif.

Critic Owen Gleiberman responds: You’re right, of course, that comic-book adaptations date back to the 1940s. But coming as it did after Jaws and Star Wars, the 1978 Superman opened the door to an era when comic-book culture would, in effect, become movie culture. That had never happened before.

Sweet Smell of Success
I was pleasantly surprised to find an article about country music. After reading it, I was even more satisfied (”The Sugarland Express”). The Sugarland members have a great career ahead of them.
Betsy McWilliams
West Des Moines, Iowa

Roseanne received an Emmy nomination for writing in 1992 (Television).

In this season’s Mad Men, IBM will not become Sterling Cooper’s client (#1004, Style).

Readers responded to MARK HARRIS’ FINAL CUT column about the controversy around Grey’s star Katherine Heigl.

Loved It
Katherine Heigl’s honesty is refreshing in an age of media-pleasing celebs. Her role on Grey’s Anatomy this season was mediocre, and her story lines were ridiculous at times. Instead of killing her character off, why not improve her story lines and make everyone happy?
Cathy Longa, Miami

Loathed It
I think the backlash surrounding Katherine Heigl’s withdrawal from the Emmy race had little to do with her ability to express her thoughts, but rather the fact that she gives herself far too much credit. Does she remember her prior filmography included My Father, the Hero and Bride of Chucky?
Meg Myers, Tulsa

There are some things you can’t put a price tag on: happiness, freedom, a signed Ryan Seacrest photo. PopWatch invited readers to share their most prized pop cult possessions.

My picture with Justin Timberlake. We have our arms around each other and are cheesin’ like 6-year-olds. We’d look like old friends if I weren’t wearing an ‘N Sync T-shirt.

My collection of Adam Ant tour shirts from 1982 to 1995. I’d make shirts for the years that he hasn’t toured, but I don’t want to appear nerdy.
Broadway Baby

Driving directions that Bono, The Edge, and Adam Clayton signed one December. Bono drew a Christmas tree for me. Still the best Christmas gift ever.