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He’s alive! Or is he?

Sources confirm to me exclusively that Heroes has tapped acting vet Robert Forster to play Nathan and Peter’s presumed-dead pops, Arthur Petrelli.

Given Heroes‘ penchant for time travel, though, there’s no telling if we’ll see Arthur in the present, via flashback, or during one of Hiro’s little excursions. Another unknown: whether Arthur will use his powers (’cause you know he’s got ’em) for good or evil.

Rumors of Arthur’s possible “resurrection” this season have been burning up the Internets for months. And while it’s not clear when Forster will first turn up, at press tour last month, his on-screen widow, Cristine Rose, hinted in this video interview that a bombshell would be dropped in the two-hour premiere on Sept. 22. “There’s a secret that comes out that if you’re a true fan, you’re just going to die,” she teased. “It’s a good Angela secret, and it’s [not about] her powers.”

Well, considering the first hour of the premiere was screened at Comic-Con, and, per multiple eyewitnesses, no such Angela secret was revealed, it’s safe to say the big reveal will take place in hour 2. Of course, whether or not said reveal is related to Arthur is also a big fat unknown. It’s all speculation, people!

What do you think? Is Arthur alive? Is Karen Sisco’s dad a good fit for the role? Are you as pumped about Heroes S3 as I am? Sound off below!

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