Now that David Duchovny‘s Hank Moody (pictured) is finally settling down with Karen (Natascha McElhone), it looks like he’ll hand over the “wild life sex baton” to Charlie Runkle (Evan Handler) on the new season of Showtime’s Californication, which begins Sept. 28. “Charlie will start having all the show’s sex,” Duchovny told while attending the recent premiere of The X-Files: I Want To Believe.

Speaking of sex, Pamela Adlon (Marcy Runkle) was also on hand to promise “more sex, drugs, rock and roll, and porn wrapped around a deep, emotional core” in the coming year. “The stories are so good, Adlon teased. “I was a little surprised at how much women liked it at first, but now I meet women all the time who are so into the show. They like the honesty we portray about marriage and sexuality in long-term marriages. People are really obsessive about it and I love being part of something that isn’t just there.

“We will have plenty more boobs in season 2,” she continued. “I don’t think Marcy’s journey is over. One thing I am not supposed to tell you about Marcy and season 2? She’s going to develop a nasty little cocaine habit.”

Oops! Too late! Now, what about Hank’s daughter Becca?

“Becca is disenchanted with being the parent to her parents and she starts to show that this season,” says the character’s alter-ego, Madeleine Martin. “She thinks the adults are still acting immature. She also gets a boyfriend this season, which was fun for me. It was nice to have someone else around on set who is my age. He is a brand new character and Hank doesn’t take it well that his daughter has a serious boyfriend.”

— With reporting by Carrie Bell