Wonderfalls fans rejoice! Fox may have treated the magical Niagara Falls-set dramedy like a piece of trash washed over the Canadian border — tossing it in the bin after just four episodes back in 2004 — but the show’s executive producer Bryan Fuller is apparently allowing the show to live on (sort of) by bringing back the character Mary Anne Marie Beetle (Beth Grant) for an upcoming episode of his ABC hit Pushing Daisies. (I’m going to admit as a proud owner of the Wonderfalls season 1 DVD, I found the Daisies pilot too precious by half, and never watched it again — is it time for me to rethink my position and give the latter show a second sampling?)

Anyhow, the whole subject of character resurrection got me brainstorming about other fictional peeps I’d like to see on my TV set come fall. I still have a few episodes of the cancelled-too-quickly Women’s Murder Club on my DVR, and I’m thinking Angie Harmon’s grouchy Lindsay Boxer could inject a tablespoon of Tabasco into one of the many bland procedurals that populate the current prime-time lineup. How about the dreadful CSI: NY? Okay, no, Harmon’s character is too good for that mess, and James Patterson would never okay it. But I’d tune in to see Boxer’s patented kvetching and scowling on The Closer. We already know Lindsay gets on famously with other strong women, and come on, Kyra Sedgwick’s uptight Brenda could use a girls’ night out, no? Come on TNT, make it happen!

Now it’s your turn, PopWatchers: What other late, great TV characters from dearly departed series deserve their own resurrections? Quit procrastinating and channel your inner casting director in the comments section below!

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