As soon as Marvin the Martian popped up during Sunday night’s re-airing of South Park‘s epic “Imaginationland” trilogy, I thought to myself, man, someone get that lil’ guy his own movie! Not really. But it’s happening! Warner Bros. and Alcon Entertainment have announced a Marvin the Martin flick that’ll combine animation and CGI. Say WHAT? Is that truly necessary? This makes me very angsty, very angsty indeed. In the movie, which Alcon’s comparing to Racing Stripes and My Dog Skip (oh, crap), Marvin wants to destroy the planet during Christmas, but gets wrapped up in a gift box instead. I hope he gets a decent love interest. Hey, “Eve-uhhhhhhhh” — you busy? Below, a sampling of Marvin’s, um… worldview. You know he’s gotta be right, ’cause he’s a lefty.