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Thankyouthankyou, Gordon Ramsay, for providing me the opportunity to delve into one of my favorite topics: Censorship! But first, a quick test. Let’s see if you can figure the lyrics to a song I’ve typed out in part below, leaving certain letters to the imagination.

Shut t your f—ing face, uncle f—er / You are a c—s—-ing, a–licking uncle f—er.

Even if you’re not familiar with South Park the movie, chances are you figured it out the cuss words, yeah? It doesn’t take a PhD in comp lit to read (literally) around the lines.

Well then: I bring this point to bear on the issue of Mr. Ramsay and his notoriously dirty mouth. The hot-tempered chef is in trouble across the pond, this time for saying the name of a suggestively named product (a new energy drink, pictured, that’s supposedly favored by the likes of Mark Ronson and Jay-Z) in a suggestive way on last night’s episode of The F Word. Here’s the transcript below, minus the suggestive language.

Ramsay: “It’s got some natural energy in the P—y…go on…taste your P—y. Do you like the P—y, was that good?”

Supposedly U.K.’s Channel 4 received tons of complaints following this blue repartee. All I have to say is, come ON, people! The show is called The F Word, for f—‘s sake! Foul language is Ramsay’s trademark! How funny would George Carlin‘s “Seven Words You Can’t Say on Television” routine have been had it consisted of bleeps and dashes? And how effective is bleeping, anyway? (Exhibit A: Denise Richards and her C U Next Tuesday slip o’ the tongue which aired recently on E!.) I say let Ramsey say what he will, and tune out if the language rankles you. You agree?

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