Remember the mystery man that Mia told Peyton (Hilarie Burton) she had met in the One Tree Hill season finale? You know, the guy who

knew Peyton’s biological mother back in the day? The dude we were led

to believe might be Peyton’s real pops? No? Me neither. But listen up

anyway, ’cause this is about to get very interesting. I think.

Actor-musician John Doe (Roswell, seminal L.A. punk band X) is joining the One Tree Hill cast this season as said mystery man, sources confirm to me


One of those sources, OTH executive producer Mark Schwahn, says

the identity of Doe’s character (who, ironically, is a John Doe himself at this point) will remain a mystery… for a little while at least. “Whether or not he’s [Peyton’s] father will be the question,” Schwahn explains. “[But] we will find out one way or the other.”

See, told you it’d get interesting. It did, right? (Additional reporting by Lindsay Soll)

addCredit(“Hilarie Burton: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images”)

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