The minds behind the subversive 1999–2000 cult TV favorite Strangers With Candy are reuniting this fall on… Nickelodeon?! Amy Sedaris will play a screwy principal who gets moony-eyed over a competitive gymnast–turned–PE teacher (Christopher Meloni) in Gym Teacher: The Movie, airing Sept. 12. Strangers co-creator Paul Dinello not only directed the comedy but specifically requested that his longtime collaborator “pack up her wig” and join the movie, which features Meloni as a redemption-seeking athlete who’s up for Gym Teacher of the Year. “I just point her in a direction, wind her up, and magic happens,” says Dinello. “He knows my bag of tricks,” adds Sedaris, who actually did bring along her own “squirrel-colored” wig to play principal Abby Hoffman. And that’s not all: Nickelodeon has already enlisted Dinello to write a movie that will star Sedaris and Chris Kattan (who has a cameo in Gym Teacher) as cringe-inducing parents. Production is set to begin this fall.