Last week we shared our prized pop-culture possessions. This week, let’s share the once-prized possessions that we forgot we owned.

Yesterday, when I was unpacking a box in my apartment (note: I’ve been there two years), I discovered:

1) A photo of myself wearing a Britney Spears T-shirt. I’m guessing I bought it when I saw her in Vegas in Nov. 2001. (Escapism, anyone?) Apparently, I wore it to a friend’s bowling birthday party, under a hoodie that I unzipped just enough to show Britney’s face peaking out.

2) A “Thanks for last night!” autograph from Tom Cavanaugh. Now I remember why I love him: I’d gone to an Ed panel at the Museum of Television and Radio in April 2001, and asked him to sign the program sheet. He signed “Thanks for last night! Lorenzo Lamas.” Funny.

3) A Diamond Girl mug. Technically, this wasn’t in the box so much as it was in my sink. But that shows you how often I do dishes. Every time I find the mug — bought at a Neil Diamond (pictured) concert in 2001 — I’m reminded of that Ani DiFranco song “Little Plastic Castle”: “They say goldfish have no memory/ I guess their lives are much like mine/ And the little plastic castle is a surprise every time.”

Your turn.