Hypothetical case: You are an alien just landed on Earth, and you want to find out what this thing called “popular music” is. You could illegally download buy 1,000,000,000 songs on the Internet, or you could beam over Feed the Animals by Girl Talk, AKA Gregg Gillis, a mash-up artist famous for pairing music by Queen, Procol Harum, Deee-Lite, Lil’ John, Soul II Soul, Yo La Tengo, Air, and Roy Orbison — in addition to some 300 + other songs — and instantly have a sampling of some of the best pop music from the past four decades at your slimy green fingertips. (Though if you’re an alien capable of interstellar travel, we’re assuming you can pull one over on the RIAA too.)

Better yet, a rabid fan named Bunny Greenhouse has painstakingly stitched together mash-up video clips of the artists that neatly hook up with Gillis’s samples. It’s like little warm A/V spikes of nostalgia for your pop-culture cocktail. Best of all, it’s pay-what-you-wish — so it’s cool if you do pay something, because Gillis is probably not making a lot of $ off this album, ‘cuz the whole thing is illegal anyway, but you don’t have to — so check it out, and Bunny’s creations, already!

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