I’ll leave the frame-by-frame analysis to more obsessive Potterphiles than I. Suffice it to say that the atmosphere of gray, bleak dread here is unrelenting. In addition to quick glimpses of Ron and Ginny Weasley in peril and lots of stuff getting set on fire, the main thrust of the trailer is a flashback to Dumbledore’s first meeting with the young Tom Riddle, the future Voldemort, played in suitably Damien-creepy fashion by 11-year-old Hero Fiennes-Tiffin (nephew of Ralph Fiennes, who is briefly seen here as the adult Voldemort). Feel free to discuss the teaser clip’s clues and occasional deviations from the sixth book’s text in the comments section; I’m just going to sit back and start counting the days and minutes until the Harry Potter flick’s Nov. 21 release. (114 to go…) Excited yet, PopWatchers?