Can anything stop Batman? At the box office, it sure doesn’t look that way. As you may have heard, The Dark Knight was a record-breaking winner for a second straight week, banking $75.2 mil last Friday through Sunday — the biggest second-weekend gross in history. Surprise, surprise! Actually, it was no surprise at all. And if you look at the latest results of’s Summer Box Office Challenge, you can see for yourself: A whopping 94 percent of our players picked the Caped Crusader to come in at No. 1. (The remaining 6 percent? All Step Brothers and The X-Files: I Want to Believe. Suckas.) The winner-by-tiebreaker was our old friend “blink 1082” — yo, Blinky, well done!

Wanna give the Blinkster a run for his/her money? Well, okay, there’s actually no money involved, but you can win some DVDs if you do the best job of predicting the weekend’s top 10 in our game…and then you’ll have the honor of being anonymously skewered here one week hence. Boy, talk about a deal that’s impossible to pass up!