Question: What’s cookin’ on the 90210 front? — Sheri
Tension between Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth, that’s what’s cooking! OK, it’s faux tension, but, hey, I’ll take what I can get. Word on the street (i.e. Rodeo Drive) is that Brenda and Kelly will find themselves once again crushing on the same guy — in this case, Mr. Matthews (aka Ryan Eggold). Let the games begin!

Question: Law & Order: SVU scoop please? — Samantha
I think what you meant to ask was, “Is this the season Benson and Stabler will finally go there?” Because that’s the question I posed to executive producer Neal Baer yesterday, and behold his titillating answer. “In the first eight episodes, circumstances put them in a very interesting place,” he hinted. Where might this, um, place be located? “Somewhere without clothes.” OMG, they’re shooting a scene in Annie Barrett’s cubicle?!

Question: Do you have anything new on my favorite show, Chuck? — Laura
Yes, but let me preface this by saying some of this may have already been reported at that big fat spoiler confab known as Comic-Con. In the Sept. 29 season premiere, Chuck and Sarah finally set a date… to go on a date — a real date. Not surprisingly, things don’t go smoothly. Actually, things don’t go at all, thanks to one Mr. Adam Baldwin. Looking beyond the premiere, I hear John Larroquette gives his funniest performance since his Night Court days when he guests as a retired 007 in October. As an added bonus, his episode also features the inimitable Melinda Clarke sporting her most over-the-top accessory yet: a thick Russian accent. Sometimes Josh Schwartz gives me gifts. And sometimes I pay it forward. Case in point: Look what I just found.

Question: Were you one of the lucky few thousand who saw the Heroes premiere at Comic-Con? — Erik

Ausiello: I actually skipped out on Comic-Con this year due to, um,

er… security reasons. Yeah, that’s it. Luckily, my trusty moles were

out in full force. One of them even attended the packed Heroes

screening, and he/she reports that the Season 3 premiere is “excellent

and far less confusing than last season.” My spywitness adds that the

episode has several funny moments and “a really scary scene reminiscent

of the Scream movies.”

Question: Seems like forever since you scooped Gossip Girl. — Candy
That’s a coincidence, ’cause it seems like forever since you asked about Gossip Girl. Contrary to popular opinion, Ask Ausiello is not a single lane, ego-driven road to nowhere; it’s a two-way street. Always remember that. Now, about Gossip: Your eyes were not deceiving you. That new Season 2 promo does, in fact, show Nate and Serena sucking some serious face in the Hamptons. And I assure you it’s not a fantasy sequence.

Question: Does the Gossip Boy have any more Gossip Girl spoilers? — Claire
This fall, the show will embark on its darkest plot to date. For more on that, head to your local newsstand this Friday, pick up the new issue of EW and turn to my column on page 55. And when you’re done reading that, be sure to check out Tim Stack’s riveting cover story on The Hills. Yes, I used the words “riveting” and “The Hills” in the same sentence without a trace of sarcasm or irony. Get over it.

Question: Thanks for the awesome interview with Katie Jacobs from House! Surely, you saved a few sound bites for AA, right? — Jonathan
You guys know all my tricks. Yes, I banked a few juicy bits, beginning with scoop on Thirteen. For the foreseeable future, Olivia Wilde’s alter ego will continue to go by Thirteen or Dr. Hadley — although in the wake of her Huntington’s diagnosis, you can probably add Evel Knievel to that list, too. “She’s always been something of a risk taker,” Jacobs explains. “And now that she knows she has this fatal illness, it causes her to make certain choices that may not be considered all that responsible. She’s on an interesting journey.”

Question: Please with Snapple on top tell me that the CSI: NY writers aren’t going to knock up Rikki. — Carolyn
I may end up eating my words here, but I’m fairly certain she won’t be with child when she returns this fall.

Question: Do you have any CSI: NY scoop pertaining to Mac and Stella? — Lori
They’re both getting new love interests this season. And for once, Stella’s squeeze won’t turn out to be a psycho/loser! “He won’t be a bad guy,” laughs exec producer Pam Veasey. “This will be a real relationship for her.”

Question: Can you give me a Grey’s scoop? — Bryan
Would you settle for a Private Practice one instead? No? Well, too bad, ’cause that’s all I got. Shonda Rhimes is looking for a “star name” to play a charming new doctor in his 30s.

Question: Got anything new on Old Christine? — Rachel
Look for Matthew to break the cardinal rule of psychotherapy: He’s going to make googly eyes at one of his patients. Christine producers are casting the recurring role of Lucy, a twentysomething grad student who becomes one of Matt’s first clients. And then some.

Question: Is Lyla’s father still a part of Friday Night Lights? — Janet
Yep, Buddy’s back, and, as you might expect, he’s none too pleased that Lyla and Tim are officially boyfriend and girlfriend.

Question: I heard we’re going to meet Matt’s mother on Friday Night Lights. Do you know anything else about that? — Claire
I know she’s a lot closer to Matt than we were led to believe, at least geographically speaking. Turns out she works as a hairdresser in a nearby town.

Question: I can’t believe FNL is splitting Tyra and Landry up! — Lauren
If it’s any comfort, Jesse Plemons told me at press tour that he doesn’t think the breakup will hold. “If I know the writers, they’ll end up together at some point,” he said. “I think they’re just adding some drama… This is Friday Night Lights.” Guy’s got a point.

Question: is selling a 50th Anniversary Special Edition Plush Smurf w/DVD (item # T27401) if you’re interested. — KM Harmon
Not really, but thanks for passing the info along. Truth be told, what I’m really interested in is a special delivery from FedEx later this week that includes a 50th Anniversary Special Edition Plush Smurf w/DVD (item # T27401) and a return address that starts with, “KM Harmon.” See where I’m going with this?

Question: Just a question about the “genetic quirk” Grissom’s replacement will have on CSI. By any possible chance will he have two different DNAs? — Ashley
Not exactly. More like a chromosome abnormality. (Think: One too many letters.)

Question: I didn’t attend Comic-Con and I’m too lazy to scour the web looking for a transcript of the Lostpanel, so whaddaya say you save me the trouble and give me a quick rundown of the major Lost spoilers that Team Darlton revealed? — Nicole
Unfortunately, I’m even lazier than you, so I wouldn’t touch that assignment with a 10-foot pole. I would, however, email EW’s Doc Jensen and kindly ask him to do it for both of us. (He was sitting in the front row, after all.) Below are what he considers to be the major takeaways, bullet-pointed for your convenience.

  • Richard Alpert will figure prominently in Season 5.
  • The whole notion of “flashbacks” and “flash-forwards” will be reinvented, suggesting that upcoming episodes will span multiple time periods and perspectives.
  • Jin will be back, but there’s no word if he’s dead or alive.
  • It was strongly suggested that Faraday survived.
  • Faraday’s notebook will play a prominent role this season.
  • We’ll finally get Rousseau’s back-story, but Darlton cautioned that it would be wrong to call it a “flashback” episode.

Question: I’m dying for something, anything, on Grey’s Anatomy. — Lauren
Well, would you look at this — I found something! I’m hearing that Lexie Grey, a big ball of confusion following her impromptu smooch with George, reaches out to the unlikeliest of colleagues for advice: That raging whorebag known as McSteamy!

Question: Debra Mooney as Chi McBride’s mother on Pushing Daisies (Ausiello Files 7/25)? I’m SO there. — Greg
You and me both. Speaking of which, one of my FTD snitches tells me that on Mooney’s second day of work, McBride sent a huge floral arrangement to her dressing room with a card that read, “Thanks for everything. You’ve turned me into a mama’s boy. Love, Chi.” Now, if you’re really nice (read: $$$$$), I’ll tell you which Grey’s Anatomy star sent Shonda Rhimes a pick-me-up bouquet shortly after Heigl-gate broke.

OK, that does it for this week. Reminder: Send your questions and/or hot (anonymous) tips to And then come back here next Wednesday and we’ll do this again!