On week 3 of The Wendy Williams Show‘s six-week trial run (in four major cities) on Fox daytime, we thought we’d check in and “Say What?” is going on. The show, which airs live (?!) definitely needs to work out some timing and content kinks, but generally, the somewhat polarizing and, in my opinion, hilarious radio personality translates very well to the screen. (Maybe I’m biased — I’m automatically thrilled when any woman over six feet tall gets to do anything in front of a camera that’s not, like, a sport.) Last week, Williams endured a blisteringly uncomfortable interview with Omarosa. You can watch that here and here, or just settle for my three-word recap: Omarosa is delusional. But today’s installment was a bit more low-key. Popwatch presents…

7 Things Wendy Williams Did This Morning That Might Make Us Watch Again
*Pulled her notes out of her weave as soon as she sat down, saying “It is what it is! If a wig can’t hide things, then what is the purpose?”
*Threatened her audience: “YOU BETTER CLAP IT UP!”
*Told everyone to buy lingerie from Target. “Peruse! The panties and bras are fabulous! Target bras!”
*Explained, re: Mario Lopez overload: “Mario’s got a bunch of little balls up in the air instead of one big ball.”
*Wore a leopard-print “apron” (read: miniskirt) to stand next to Rocco DiSpirito while he cooked and she gabbed
*Playfully shoved How to Understand Men and Their Dogs author Wendy Diamond so hard that Diamond fell over onto her own dog (who had it comin’)
*Wondered “Under the arms or in the trap?” when an audience member asked if she should confront a friend with poor personal hygiene (whoa!)

The show should enter syndication this fall. What think you — wanna give Wendy a chance?