To celebrate the release of Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final book in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, we’re kicking off a weekly Tuesday updates column called ‘Twilight Bytes.’ We’ll be posting Twilight news, updates, interviews, and asking one question per week for true-blue Twilight fans (you know who you are!) to debate.

As for the question of what you’re doing this Friday night: If you said anything but salivating over BreakingDawn, and/or celebrating at one of the many Twilight parties around theStates, wrong answer! The clock is ticking down to the August 2nd, 12:01am release of the book, and according to Seth,Stephenie Meyer’s webmaster, people are starting to suffer from anunusual condition known as “Breaking Dawn Countdownitis.” The mainsymptom is described as staring at thecountdown on the right side of Meyer’s website for several minutes/hours/days at a time. (Even I find this behavior a little, er, overwrought — I’m really really really looking forward to the book, but not putting my health in jeopardy over it!)

For those who plan to party: Be sure to call your local book store to see what they’ve got planned. (Check here for events near you being hosted by Barnes and Noble.) And be sure to catch Stephenie Meyer this Thursday on Good Morning America — you can even submit questions for her on their website.

And finally, your Twilight Superfan question of the day… posted after the jump, for the super-spoilerific out there.

Do you think Jacob might show up to stop the wedding? Discuss this — and where and how you are going to be ringing in the new Dawn — below!

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