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En garde! Yes, indeed, it’s time for another round of PopWatch Duel! For those new to the sport, here’s the skinny: we ask celebs for their top picks on a particular topic. Then you head to the comments section and declare which participant has the better list. Easy, breezy, and no one gets hurt.(Unless you count wounded pride.)

We recently caught up with the Jonas Brothers and Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz on the set of FNMTV (Fridays, 8 p.m. ET/PT, MTV), the show that’s out to save the endangered species known as the music video. In case you missed last Friday’s show, let me fill you in on some big news: This year, not only are the Jonas Brothers performing live during their first ever MTV Video Music Awards appearance, but this year also marks the first time in VMA history that fans will have the chance to vote for the nominees.

And speaking of voting, let’s get back to the duel. We asked the Jonas Brothers and Wentz to each name their five favorite music videos. Yeah, our battle pits three against one, but then again, Kevin, Joe, and Nick all had to agree on the same five selections — no easy task. Check out the dueling countdowns, then vote for the winner, after the jump…

Jonas Brothers:

1. a-ha’s “Take on Me”: We found this on YouTube and loved it so much we added the song to our set list on our last tour.

2. Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”: This video set the standard for so many things — production, choreography, makeup, and wardrobe. It’s iconic.

3. Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage”: We love the retro look in this video, and all the action scenes are awesome.

4.Fall Out Boy’s “Dance Dance”: The homecoming theme is cool…especially when the underdogs become the life of the party and wineveryone over.

5. Chris Brown’s “Forever”: Chris is an amazing dancer. When critics were labeling him the new Michael Jackson, we took notice.

Pete Wentz:

1. Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”: [The video] made me want to learn how to go into a mosh pit.

2.Guns N’ Roses’ “November Rain”: Though you could go with a multitudeof Guns N’ Roses’ videos, that one was awesome because it took up thelength of two videos… Slash forgets the rings… Duff has therings… Riki Rachtman is in the video… they jump through a weddingcake, and Axl Rose kisses that babe… an awesome video.

3.Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”: The epic video of all videos. You can’ttop it… it’s groundbreaking. No one thought you could make a musicvideo like that, and it was pretty freaky. He made the music video anevent, you know, like people tuned in to watch it, which is what we’retrying to do with the show.

4.Blink 182’s “First Date”: Because that’s just one of the most awesomevideos ever. They have fake mustaches the whole video…and TomDeLonge probably has one of the best ‘what the f—‘ faces you’ve everseen, and they drive around in a Cheech & Chong van the entire time.

5. A tie: Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”/Notorious B.I.G’s “Hypnotize”

Okay, PopWatchers, it’s time to do your civic duty: Who has the better list of Five Best Videos Ever? Vote now! And don’t leave any hanging chads!