BREAKING: Forget Zac Efron, ubiquitous Chace Crawford, and that Shia LaBeouf kid…Hunter Parrish is Summer 2008’s crystal goblet of frozen lemonade positioned high above a somewhat interchangeable cluster of melting Slurpees. As if I needed any more reasons to keep watching Weeds, last night’s episode (get Shirley Halperin’s full recap here) featured shirtless Hunter sexing up Julie Bowen in a cheese shop. That’s four reasons right there — especially the words ‘cheese’ and ‘shop’. The less racy of the two scenes (and there promise to be many more) is embedded below.

Damn! It cut off before the best part — where he says “Hold on to ME” instead of her suggestion, the kitchen sink in the back room. I’m not sure we can even publish that sentence. I guess that’s why it’s not in the clip, huh?

So now that I’ve followed my own instructions from the headline above, it’s your turn to share your favorite TV sex scene(s). Yeah, sure you can name more than one! (Ahem, Kate and Sawyer!)