"Who do you think you are? A Kennedy? You're a Bush. Act like one." If I hadn't known this teaser was for Oliver Stone's W. ahead of time, I don't think I would've realized the movie was even about our current Commander-in-Chief until he gets dressed down with this line by his father — played by James Cromwell with pretty much zero attempt to match George H. W. Bush's distinct vocal cadences. I know a fair amount about George W. Bush's, um, ne'er-do-well biography, but it's still pretty jarring to place the same man who currently occupies the Oval Office at the wheel of a car crashing into someone's front yard. Which, I imagine, is the point. Here, check it out yourself, and see what I mean:

Oliver Stone said in EW's May cover story on W. that "Bush is not a complex and dark man, so… this movie can be funnier [than Nixon and JFK] because Bush is funny," and it would appear he made good on his word. And, goodness, does Josh Brolin look convincing as George Jr. (Meanwhile, I couldn't even recognize Thandie Newton as Condoleezza Rice.) So tell me, PopWatchers, has this look at the movie convinced you it's worth checking out? Or does living through eight years of this particular story feel like plenty for the time being?

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