Stephenie Meyer has revealed a spoiler to regarding an early plot point in Breaking Dawn, the fourth and final installment to her Twilight series. Click here to read the full article. Then discuss the spoiler after the jump…

So, Meyer tells EW’s Karen Valby that she had great fun writing Bella and Edward’s wedding scene: ”And it’s not a dream sequence! … It’s the actual wedding between Edward and Bella. The wedding!I’m a girly girl so it’s something I’ve been waiting for too.” Meyer insiststhat the wedding takes place early in the book — which, we’re sure, is the only reason she let it slip.

What do you think of the news? I’m loving it because once we get the wedding out of the way, we’ll have no idea where Meyer is headed. And that mystery is what you want from a book. (Well, that and a memorable wedding night — fingers crossed!)

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