Musicians on Sesame Street -- We rank the musical performances of Elmo with Feist, Chris Brown, and more

On next month’s Sesame Street season premiere, Feist will become the latest celeb to duet with the adorable red creature. We rounded up four of his recent collaborations (all on YouTube) that most tickled us.

WHO? Andrea Bocelli
WHEN? April 8, 2005
SONG ”Time to Say Goodnight”
Elmo was having trouble falling asleep — but a takeoff on Bocelli’s signature ballad ”Con Te Partirò” got the little guy snoozing in no time. (Funny, Bocelli sometimes has the same effect on us…) B

WHO? Alicia Keys
WHEN? Dec. 30, 2005
SONG ”Dancin”’
Keys brought soul to the Street: She twirled around with Elmo like a modern-day Rogers to his Astaire as they belted out a reworked version of her piano-driven breakthrough smash, 2001’s ”Fallin’.” B+

WHO? Chris Brown
WHEN? Aug. 13, 2007
SONG ”See the Signs”
Those ”Dancin”’ lessons paid off: In addition to skillfully identifying common street signage in this chipper tune, Elmo kept up surprisingly well with Brown’s funky footwork! A-

WHO? Feist
WHEN? Aug. 11, 2008
SONG ”1234”
The indie darling’s acoustic hit might even work better as a ditty about counting Muppets than it did as an iPod jingle: ”Oh, you’re counting, counting with me/To one less than five, and one more than three!” B+

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