And another Oprah-inspired journey begins — sort of. After reading the Rhonda Byrne-penned, Oprah-hawked self-help tome The Secret, Jessica and Tiffany let their desire for a Bora Bora trip be known on something called a “secret wish board,” which is really just fancy talk for a clumsily collaged bulletin board full of burning desires. (Pin a photo of Ryan Gosling up there for me, K?) Fairy godmother Griffin granted their wish, whisking Team Griffin away to the Tahitian island for a gay land cruise. (Yes, I said land cruise. Two thumbs up for fishy marketing.)

After arriving at the tropical paradise, the gang spent the afternoon kayaking and swimming in the crystal blue ocean (so jealous!), before heading to Ms. Griffin’s first engagement. But wait! Can we discuss Kath’s ugly bathing suit for just a moment? I feel like I rib on Kathy’s wardrobe choices a lot, but this one clearly deserves a citation as a crime against fashion. Please, please, please tell me she was not trying to pass off a gray sports bra as a bikini top. Sigh. Let’s proceed.

Kath met up with the cruise’s coordinator and discovered (gasp!) that 40 percent of the group was straight. Uh oh. Not good odds for the comic. She prefers a clear cut majority to craft her jokes. Nevertheless, as she mingled table-by-table with the crowd, she soon realized the straights were a veritable Peyton Place. One couple had been divorced six years, but were on vacation together — and sleeping together — while another husband had been banished to a separate table by his wife, reason unknown. Kathy tried working this juicy material into her act, but failed to redeem herself from the performance’s earlier “gaybie” joke fiasco. Fortunately, Sex and the City star (and one of our dream gay boyfriends) Mario Cantone, was there to console the feisty red head after her stinker of a show. Aaaaaahhhhhhh.

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Not surprisingly, It didn’t take long — or much — for Kathy to winback the cruisers’ affections. All it really took was an open-mouthedtongue kiss with hot transsexual India (P.S. I’d kill for those legs).Following the afternoon’s raucous round of truth or dare, Kathy cappedoff her vacay with a little Polynesian dancing and one moreperformance, which went very well this time, thanks in large part toher arsenal of “The Todd” jokes. (Was that guy skeezy or what?)

Once Kath and Co. arrived back in L.A., she recruited her adorableniece and nephew to help her take mom Maggie to senior day care — youknow, the kind of place Paris and Nicole would go when they’re 87, sheassured her wary mom. True to the hype, the place was actually prettyhappening. I’d pop over sometime for a wine tasting, wouldn’t you?

All in all, I think this may have been one of my favorite episodesso far this season. It definitely didn’t feel contrived like lastweek’s biblioteca episode, but was still funny and lighthearted. Butwhat do you think PopWatchers? Did you find yourself coveting any ofMaggie’s senior gifts? Am I totally wrong about Kathy’s ugly swimfrock? Who do you think “The Todd” really was?

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