The rockers talk about the songs on ''Take It to the Limit''

Few bands carry a torch for rock’s glory days quite like the hard-partying, groupie-loving Hinder. And apparently they weren’t the only ones: Their 2005 debut, Extreme Behavior, spawned the hit power ballad ”Lips of an Angel” and went on to sell 3 million copies. Come Nov. 4, the Oklahoma-based band will release Take It to the Limit, in hopes of taking things even further. ”We want to [release] nothing less than eight singles,” declares singer Austin Winkler. But for the time being, he and drummer Cody Hanson give EW the lowdown on five key tracks.

”Use Me”
Winkler: ”For our [first] single, we wanted to come out with a rocker that represents the rest of the record. The lyric — ‘She’s gonna use me and I like it’ — is just sex. It skips past the relationship part. Some guys like that; I know I do.”

”Lost in the Sun”
Hanson: ”Writing this song [about a summer fling] went so fast. We went to Florida to capture that beach vibe, so that when you listen to it, you think of summer and Bryan Adams.”

”Last Kiss Goodbye”
Winkler: ”It took us a while to get the lyrics to where everybody agreed that they tell a great story. And we used strings to give it a really awesome melodic vibe. You see this relationship playing out as you hear it.”

”Loaded & Alone”
Winkler: ”It started with the title, and we wrote the song from there. It’s about having everything you can imagine, and nothing at the same time because there’s no one to share it with.”

”Best Is Yet to Come”
Hanson: ”My favorite line is in this song: ‘Weed mixed with whiskey/Hell, I got so dizzy/It was more than my stomach could take.’ I’ve definitely been there.”