New titles incude Spore, Prince of Persia, and Wii Sports Resort

Some of the most notable games presented at the recent E3 convention.

Spore (PC and Mac)
Build your own species from a wee cell to a robust civilization. (Sept. 7)

Prince of Persia (PS3 and Xbox 360)
The newest entry in this swords-and-sorcery adventure franchise (soon to be a movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal) looks like a gorgeous, living illustration. (Holiday ’08)

Wii Sports Resort (Wii)
Nintendo’s sequel to the Wii’s launch title will be the first game to use the ultrasensitive Wii MotionPlus attachment. (Spring ’09)

Littlebigplanet (PS3)
Players must use tools to navigate their way across increasingly challenging environments (hard to describe, but more fun than it sounds!). LBP is inventive, addictive, and frighteningly cute. (Oct. 7)