EW's TV scooper dishes on a ''24'' role reprisal, ''Pushing Daisies'' casting, and more


Look out for stray cougars! For 24‘s seventh day, producers are toying with bringing back Jack’s polarizing daughter, Kim (Elisha Cuthbert), last spotted fleeing L.A. with C. Thomas Howell during day 5.

Considering the rocky relationship 24 fans have with the absurd-plot-prone character, executive producer Jon Cassar acknowledges that there’s a ”massive amount” of pressure to get the story right. ”Anytime we talk Kim, right away it’s like, ‘Let’s not do anything that [would lead] the audience to hate her,”’ laughs the exec, who says that if she reappears, it wouldn’t be until the new season’s climax.

Cassar also reveals that another iconic character, Gregory Itzin’s nefarious President Logan, may resurface, despite the fact that he was stabbed to death by wife Martha last season. Or close to death; he was last seen flatlining en route to the hospital. ”It was actually written that he dies,” Cassar says, ”but I did everything I could not to kill him. I wanted to give us the [option] to potentially bring him back.”

Berkley Utters The L Word

Elizabeth Berkley, who flirted with the L-word in Showgirls, is joining the Showtime hit for a multi-episode arc as the straight girl who got away from Bette (Jennifer Beals, Berkley’s real-life pal) in college. Perhaps Bette should take a page from Cristal Connors’ playbook and seduce Berkley’s character with dog-food sweet talk.

Ask Ausiello

Q: How about a piece of Pushing Daisies casting scoop? —Amy
A: How about two pieces? David Arquette has signed on to guest in this season’s fourth episode as Randy Man, a character whose name says it all. Additionally, The O.C.‘s Taylor Townsend herself, Autumn Reeser, will appear in the season premiere as a Southern belle named Kentucky Fritz who gets stung to death by a swarm of bees.

Q: Any other Beverly Hills vets returning for The CW’s 90210? —Justine

A: The biggest one yet — at least in terms of square footage. Sources confirm that plans are under way to reopen the Peach Pit’s late-night companion, Peach Pit After Dark. Like the diner, the club is being updated, and has been renamed, simply, the Pit. But one thing will remain the same: I hear the manager will look very familiar to fans of 90210‘s original flavor.

Q: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…Smallville spoilers? —Joel
A: Ahh…funny! Although Kristin Kreuk won’t be back as a series regular this season, she has agreed to reprise her role of Lana Lang for at least five episodes, the first of which will air — shocker — during November sweeps. Equally surprising, reports exec producer Brian Wayne Peterson, is that ”she’ll come back at a very inopportune time for Clark.” Lemme guess: Right when he’s leaping a tall building in a single bound? (See, I can play that game too.)

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