Just because we can, let’s pit two Bollywood-inspired nuggets of American pop culture against each other and watch what happens, like on Bravo. First up, Natalie Portman hams her way through her shaggy boyfriend Devendra Banhart’s Bollywood-inspired music video, “Carmensita.”

Check Plus Natalie Portman!
Check Vague attempt at mudras (hand gestures)
Check Minus You can see his “hair down there”

Now, “Heeeeeeeeeeere’s…Katee and Joshua!” (Hey, thanks, Cat!)

Check Plus Muchos mudras
Check Joshua’s khaki-colored open vest is not too flashy
Check Minus This contest is so unfair. Obviously, Katee and Joshua win. It’s not even an appropriate matchup. What, PopWatch, do all the Bollywood sendups, parody or not, look the same to you? IS THAT HOW IT IS HERE?! Real mature.

Right. So…vote!